Terrorstorm (USA, 2006)


There’s an aggravating scene in this movie when Alex Jones confronts various conservatives in Crawford Texas regarding 9/11. The scene is aggravating because we can see how strongly those conservatives cling to their blind faith in Bush, even when confronted with questions that they cannot provide factual answers for. But I feel just as palpable an aggravation when I see so many people clinging so strongly to their faith in Alex Jones. As a truthseeker he is a vital source, but one can only guess how much of what he presents as ‘facts’ are true. Much of what he offers is based on speculation, and often with sources that are at best, dubious. Professor Steven Jones for example, who has ‘proof’ that the trade center buildings were destroyed with thermate, also has stated in the past that he has archeological ‘proof’ that Jesus Christ had visited Native Americans. Considering that, and the fact that there are actually far more scientists outside of FEMA, NIST, and the 9/11 Commission that disagree with Jones, one can only guess where the truth really lies. I also take issue with Alex Jones’ production values, which make this film seem like one of those ‘uncovered’ documentaries that use sensationalist techniques to build their case. Unfortunately, Jones’ caustic, ironic tone makes any hope of objectivity seem scant, thus making it difficult for many reasonable people to be swayed. In fact, the way that Jones’ rants on a megaphone in public streets, I’ve actually wondered if Jones himself isn’t a part of Bush’s New World Order! If the media wanted to portray Jones as a nutcase, they wouldn’t have to try very hard. Still, I admire Jones’ efforts and chutzpah, and I do recommend this documentary because of the questions it brings up. For a more factual and more intelligent look at the events of 9/11, I highly recommend “9/11: Press for Truth”. It asks the same tough questions but provides much firmer evidence.

My grade: 5


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